High precision 5-axis fan and water pump impeller

Five-axis precision machining service, CNC custom machining impeller. Our process steps:
1. Determine the implementation plan of the design manuscript.
2. Use five-axis precision machining to ensure precision.
3. Precise processing does not require manual polishing to make sure more precision.
The development of traditional high-efficiency processing technology for blade manufacturing is mainly reflected in the net shape of the blade, that is, reducing or completely removing the cutting amount of blade machining (including a lot of manual clamp grinding operations) to achieve the improvement of processing efficiency Among them, the representative technology is precision forging, rolling and precision casting technology.
However, these several processing methods are limited by factors such as the accuracy level of the digesting molds and the need for manual grinding guarantees in the thermal processing related processes, and the operating technology is not very advanced, which brings great difficulties to the production of blade wool and makes the creation pressure Has a great increase. At present, with the advancement of multi-axis linkage CNC machining technologies such as electrical machining and mechanical machining, and the rapid development of advanced machining systems such as manipulators, the realization of mold machining accuracy and the influencing factors in thermal digesting related processes have been better controlled, so that The net shape processing of the blade form has been well improved and developed;
And due to the advancement of multi-axis linkage CNC milling and grinding, the supplementary digesting of the air inlet and exhaust edges formed by precision forging and rolling has also been changed from the original manual grinding method to a mechanically controlled processing method. The processing quality and efficiency The level in addition has been promoted and improved, to ensure that the traditional high-efficiency processing technology has obtained new promotion and development.

CNC machining
CNC milling
CNC turning
OEM parts (grinding)
Steel: 1018, 1213, 12L14, 1215, C45, etc.
Stainless steel: 201,301,303,304,316,416,420 etc.
Aluminum alloy: 5052,6061,6063,6082,7075 etc.
Brass alloy: 360, 36000,3601,3602,3603,3604, 38500, etc.
Bronze: C51000, C54400, etc.
Plastics: Pom, ABS, nylon, etc.
Cast iron: gray iron, ductile iron
ceramics: alumina, zircon, etc.
CNC machining (turning, milling, drilling)
Surface treatment
Sandblasting, polishing, anodizing, zinc/nickel/chromium/plating, blackening, phosphating, etc.
Drawing format
Wooden box or carton,
1, with plastic bag, with pearl cotton packaging.
2. Packed in a carton or wooden box.
3. Seal the carton with tape; or nail the wooden box with nails.
4, or according to customer requirements.

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